Immune System Boosters

Silver Biotics – 4 oz
Personal size with spray applicator—convenient for on-the-go
Silver Biotics – 8oz

Regular size
Silver Biotics – 16oz

Family size

Silver Biotics is a top choice for immune system boosters for tens of thousands of people of all ages.

Taken daily, Silver Biotics will naturally boost immune function and may help reduce fatigue.

Over 10 Million Bottles Sold

“Scientists and research organizations all over the world have tested and validated the effectiveness of the SilverSol™ Technology found in Silver Biotics Products. With more than 10 million units sold, it has become a top choice for safe and easy immune enhancement.”

10 Minute Health is proud to feature Silver Biotics’ patented SilverSol™ supplement:

  • Effectiveness demonstrated in over 350 clinical trials
  • Boosts immunity (Immune System Boosters)
  • Increases energy
  • Not a colloidal or ionic solution—a patented nano-silver molecule (SilverSol™ Technology)
  • Over 10 million bottles sold
  • Flavorless—take as-is or mix with other beverages
  • Does not accumulate in tissue—no risk of argyria (blue-man)

Silver Biotics’ SilverSol™ is proven:

  • to exterminate or significantly arrest the growth of all pathological bacteria it has been tested on — strep, staph, flu, and many others.
  • to cause no harm to the useful bacteria in the colon.
  • to effectively eradicate viral infections, unlike traditional drugs. Silver Biotics stops virus reproduction. Clinical studies have shown that even the most common and deadly viruses known such as Herpes, HIV, and SARS do not survive treatment with SilverBiotics.
  • to destroy or cripple fungus, mold, and yeast growth throughout the body.
  • to completely eradicate cause and symptoms, even with parasite-induced Malaria.
  • to effectively treat multiple illnesses in the body at the same time.
  • to be a safe and effective preventative treatment when taken daily.

Colloidal Silver is Risky—Silver Biotics is Safe

Colloidal silver and ionic silver solutions have been time-tested as effective antimicrobial treatments. Keep in mind, both colloidal silver and ionic silver solutions are susceptible to falling out of suspension–leaving the silver molecules free to get stuck and accumulate in body tissues. The resulting risk is heavy metal toxicity and the condition called argyria where the patient’s skin literally and permanently turns a shade of blue.

Silver Biotics’ SilverSol™ nano-silver particles are more effective than colloidal silver and ionic silver solutions as an antimicrobial treatment. In addition they are completely risk free. Silver Biotic’s SilverSol™ nano-silver particles do not fall out of suspension—there is no risk of toxicity or argyria.

Be safe—Choose Silver Biotics rather than colloidal silver for your silver supplement needs.

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